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After escaping an abusive relationship that nearly killed her, Parker tries to build herself back up the best she can, forced to live with the terrible memories that plague her.

She has found love again and believes she can move on with her life, but her relative happiness is short-lived when she starts having visions of other women being abused. After questioning her sanity, Parker decides to do whatever it takes to help the victims, desperate to save them from a fate that could have been hers…

And could still very well be.

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CELESTE - Book One: The Shadow Man

As a child, Riley survived the impossible, a being far worse than her abusive father. Something dark, hungry, and seeking to consume her.

Growing up with a new loving family, Riley desperately tries to live a normal life and feel a sense of belonging, but the deaf teenager finds this difficult as her past still torments her. She isn’t like the others, and not just because of the hearing aids she’s wearing. As an empath, she is bombarded by the emotions of the people around her. They are filled with colors she can’t always comprehend, affecting her as if they were her own.

When her past comes back to haunt her, Riley realizes she can’t run from her worst nightmare…

Because she can’t escape who she truly is.

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