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CELESTE - Book Three
The Faceless

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Appearances can be deceiving.


Riley struggles to keep balance in her busy life. Between working at Winter’s Attic and W&W Paranormal Investigation and managing her personal relationships, it’s hard. To make matters worse, a series of bad decisions push her friends to turn away from her.

What Riley really needs is a break. Instead, she stumbles upon an unexpected evil…

Someone is on a murder spree in New England. The victims have been tortured in unspeakable ways, their dead bodies left to rot in the woods.

As Riley uses her empath abilities to help Stella on her case, she realizes this new evil has shifted its focus on her and is set on stripping her of everything she has ever cared about.

About Amélia...


Amélia is a suspense and horror writer who loves anything creepy and has always been drawn to the supernatural in particular. She loves ghosts, abandoned houses, coffee, rainy days, scary books, and fluffy sweaters.

Although from France, she lives in Huntington Beach, CA, with her husband Christophe and her daughter Kara. The years spent living in New England before moving to California are a great inspiration and often impact her writing.