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The Twisted Lady

Sick of feeling unloved and rejected, James leaves his mother’s house on an impulse. Problem is, he has no other relatives, no friends, and nearly no money. The people in the small town he grew up in know about him and his bad temper. James has no choice but to seek refuge in the abandoned house on River Road until he can figure out how to leave this town. He has heard the wild ghost stories kids like to tell about the house. He has heard it’s haunted. But these are nothing but rumors.

James is quickly proven wrong when nightmares about the house plague his dreams, and the entity lurking in the basement wakes up, fixated on him.

About Amélia...


Amélia is a suspense and horror writer who loves anything creepy and has always been drawn to the supernatural in particular. She loves ghosts, abandoned houses, coffee, rainy days, scary books, and fluffy sweaters.

Although from France, she lives in Huntington Beach, CA, with her husband Christophe and her daughter Kara. The years spent living in New England before moving to California are a great inspiration and often impact her writing.

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